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Dim-Sum: Duel of the Dumpling

Time To Play

5-15 min

Number Of Players

2 players



Dim-Sum is a fast-paced game for two players with a delicious, steamy theme – Dumplings! In this game, you compete over who can end the game with more dumplings in their steamers. You can destroy your opponent’s dumplings and steamers, while trying to protect your own.

Each round takes about 10-15 minutes. When both players are out of cards, the player with the most dumplings in their steamers wins!

Dim-Sum: Duel of the Dumplings is a game of pure strategy! You can make your own, unique playing style and have complete control over how you want to play!

The game is meant to be challenging, yet super easy to learn. In fact, it takes less than 2 minutes!

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Features & Compatibility

A great game for people new to board game and as an introduction between new friends.

Designed to be quick and light, you can play it anytime, anywhere and with anyone!

  • Take it with your while traveling! 🛫

  • Introduce new people to board games. 🤝

  • Add it to your game night as a ‘filler game’. ⏱️

  • Play it as an appetizer or dessert before or after your heavy game. 🍿

  • Make your own tournament! 🏆

Don’t let the small package fool you – this game is jam-packed with strategy!

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