The journey begins!

Everything has a first time. So this is the first blog post. Yee-pee!

I am now embarking on a crowdfunding journey.
A journey to fund a dream that may, one day,
become a game that may, one day,
lead the to a side-hustle that may, one day,
give birth to a business, that may, one day,
be the dream I have for Brain Snack Games.

What is brain snack games, you ask?
Good question, let’s get to that in a minute.

First let’s start with the first baby steps.
So the first thing I did was (of course) to buy Jamey Stegmaier’s book “A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide”. And subsequently every blog post Jamey has written on the matter. Then I started a series of vlogs which began as no more than me (and my dog Zoya) planning the day ahead in terms of our Crowdfunding schedule/ToDo list during our morning walk.

No affiliate links here.
Just go get the book.

Why would I do that?
(or in other words: what could I possibly contribute to this already saturated wealth of information called ‘the internet’)

Because yes, I’ve read the books, and the blogs and the articles and I’ve listened to the podcasts and the youtube videos… but there really is nothing like actually witnessing someone go through the whole process of crowdfunding. And that someone might as well be me.

Now for the question I should have started with: Why?

In one of his blog posts, Jamey asks these 5 questions:

  1. What’s my idea? (i.e., what am I selling?)
  2. Why am I excited about this idea?
  3. Who will care about this (and why)?
  4. What’s my dream goal for this idea?
  5. How will I get my first sale?
  6. What’s my next step?

Jamey urges every aspiring crowdfunder to answer these 5 questions before actually starting any campaign. Hopefully these answers will help me (and you) solidify and focus our purpose and energy to make the right product for the right audience.

What am I smiling about?!

So here are my answers:

  1. My idea is a card game, that is easy to learn and play, retains its value through playing over and over, is light weight enough to take with you and play anywhere you go, even on the go.
  2. I’m excited about this idea because games are fun! and because I am not seeing enough games that fit in your pocket and are super easy to learn. I’m excited because I imagine people taking this game with them, playing on airplanes, trains and hostel-lobbies, as well as game nights and even dates. I imagine people having lots of fun without the hassle of carrying too many game components or taking forever to learn a game that is both fun and highly strategic.
  3. I hope to appeal to people who like a good challenge but even more so like other people. I want people to enjoy the experience of playing a game that is all about interaction, attention and thinking. People who travel and meet other people. People who want to introduce their friends and loved ones to the joy of tabletop games.
  4. I hope this one game will act as a jumping board for other games I already have designed. Some of them are similar, others very different, but all of them revolve around the idea that games are a great way to connect with yourself and other.
  5. A-ha! tricky, well I honestly believe that this game has been play-tested so many times that the mechanics are solid and as elegant as can be. I’ve also introduced the game in previous conventions and on social media and have had consumers and retailers ask to buy a copy (or copies). I hope when the campaign launches, they’ll be there to support and back it.
  6. The first step is this blog post. The next step is to build the campaign, one step at a time…

If you want to watch my vlog – here’s the link 🙂

Alright, see you on the next post!

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