A fast-paced, pure strategy game for 2 players where players compete over who can cook more delicious steamed bao-style buns.

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    What is Dim-Sum: Duel of the Dumplings?

    It’s a card game for two players. Each player gets their own deck and is free to arrange the cards as they wish.

    Both players compete to finish the game with as many delicious dumplings in their steamers as they can. 

    The game is ALL STRATEGY and TACTICS and no luck involved. 


    What's better than Dim Sum? Dim Sum with super cute faces! Look at these cuties from Dim-Sum Duel of the Dumpling, gifted to me by @brainsnackgames. This fast paced, 2 player, push your luck game is as fun to play as it is adorable! * * In Dim-Sum Duel of the Dumpling, players are competing to cook the most steamed buns. Each player gets a deck, which they need to order before the game begins. This determines the order they will draw cards during the game. They then place 3 cards face up in their 'tray'. On their turn, the player must play 1 card from their tray (instantly replenishing it) or 1 card from the top of their deck. They can either play a steamer, a dumpling into an open steamer or a lid to close (and save) a steamer. They can choose to play an attack card instead - discard 1 card from an opponents tray or destroy 1 open steamer (including any dumplings). If they cannot play the card, they must discard it. The game ends when there are no cards left to draw, the player with the most dumplings in steamers wins! It's simple, strategic and fun! * * Dim-Sum Duel of the Dumpling is suitable for 2 players aged 13+. It's quick to learn and play, with games only taking minutes. It was daunting ordering the deck for the 1st time, but it didn't feel like that in subsequent games. You can play things safe by aiming to close your steamers early, but your opponent may destroy all your lids! Definitely pays to try to get inside their head! Since players don't shuffle their deck, there isn't any luck involved. It's unusual to have so much strategy in a light game and I really like it.