Compete over who can cook more delicious steamed bao-style dumplings in this fast-paced, pure strategy game for two.

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    What's so special about Dim-Sum: Duel of the Dumplings?

    It’s a card game for two players. Each player gets their own deck and is free to arrange the cards as they wish.

    Both players compete to finish the game with as many delicious dumplings in their steamers as they can. 

    The game is ALL STRATEGY and TACTICS and no luck involved. 

    How to play?

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    Dim-Sum: Duel Of The Dumpling is a fun and fast paced card game. To play, you organise your personal deck in the way you wish to play it. During the game you try to prepare as much dumplings as you can.This cute game makes me hungry every time I play it!


    Este juego nos lo enviaron nuestros amigos de @brainsnackgames! Siempre buscamos ser objetivos en nuestras opiniones!Lo estarán lanzando en kickstarter próximamente y si les llama la atención sigan su cuenta para estar al tanto del lanzamiento!

    Chris Cormier

    Check out this fun artwork! Fun and lively like the game. Read my last post for more about Dim-Sum Duel of the Dumplings.


    Dim Sum with super cute faces! Look at these cuties from Dim-Sum Duel of the Dumpling, gifted to me by @brainsnackgames. This fast paced, 2 player, push your luck game is as fun to play as it is adorable!